Vouchers hold a special place in our community, allowing players to purchase and gift or trade the supporter status to others. While we deeply appreciate the support through these vouchers, we want to emphasize that there are alternative ways within the game to contribute to the server without spending money. In-game efforts can earn you valuable skip-the-queue tickets, a notable perk where the primary advantage lies in expeditious access to the server.

For many, vouchers are a unique pathway to obtain a supporter rank, especially for those unable to spend money directly. We understand that not everyone can make monetary contributions, and trading in-game items for vouchers becomes a meaningful exchange.

It's essential to highlight that the server relies on financial support for maintenance, updates, security, bandwidth, and other necessities. Your contributions, whether through vouchers or other means, play a crucial role in sustaining our vibrant community.

Supporter Voucher 10.00 EUR
Nickname Voucher 10.00 EUR
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PayPal +15% fees
Bitcoin -10% discount
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