Hero of The Village  

Unleash your inner heroic miner instinct! The "Hero of the Village" pack offers a limited-time chance to supercharge the server's ore generation for everyone, server-wide! Each tier you purchase (available only once per tier) boosts the amount of ores found underground, both in existing areas and new chunks.

Help the server thrive and fill your pockets with precious minerals – become a Hero of the Village today! Your name will be broadcasted in chat with the current ore boost percentage roughly every 10 minutes, at least until a new hero is chosen by purchasing another pack, thus taking your hero status. The last buyer gets the hero status, no matter if the tier is lower or higher, so pick your tier wisely or time the purchase with friends to stack the three different tiers for an even bigger bounty!

Hero of the Village — Tier I 7.50 EUR
Hero of the Village — Tier II 17.50 EUR
Hero of the Village — Tier III 27.50 EUR
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PayPal +15% fees
Bitcoin -10% discount
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